Letizia Fiorenza & David Sautter


Der Landbote

Images of the heart

The singer, born and raised in southern Italy, enriched the villanelles with her powerful voice, along with percussion and the contribution of David Sautter’s self-composed accompaniment on the guitar. His dexterity was truly astounding. The most impressive thing, however, was the perfect interplay between the two, who are a team both in art and in married life.

Anzeiger von Uster

Songs of love, passion and jealousy

Neapolitan villanelles and other songs from Naples could be heard on Tuesday night in the Villa Grunholzer in Uster. David Sautter accompanied Letizia Fiorenza on the guitar and enhanced the concert with Scarlatti sonatas and improvisations.


Heavenly guitar music
The EOS Guitar Quartet from Switzerland delivers a grandiose contribution to contemporary Latin American music with its album «4 Seasons 4 Guitars». The quartet also pays homage to its own name with the album because “eos” is the name of the goddess of the dawn, “she of the auroral fingers”.

The good sound: Wishes of the heartT
Der gute Ton: Herzenswünsche
They are full-blooded musicians and the folk music of southern Italy has found a place in their hearts. We’re talking about the singer Letizia Fiorenza and the guitarist David Sautter, who have realised one of their long-held wishes, a wish of the heart, with the release of their new CD. The artistic couple, known as I Cantimbanchi, from Uster, brings a much-needed blast of temperamental passion into the emotionally glacial land of the Swiss.


Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung

Frank Zappa revived? The Eos Guitar Quartet in Moods

It seems that there is much money to be made posthumously from the brilliant rock musician Frank Zappa, who passed away ten years ago.
We continually hear of new «Projects», from modern ensembles, to the Grandmothers of Invention, composed of ex-Zappa musicians, to younger admirers – and everyone wants to make a contribution to the Zappa revival. 

Anzeiger von Uster
Benefit matinee in aid of the Musikschule Uster Greifensee with David Sautter and Letizia Fiorenza.
What children enjoy can also bring pleasure to adults. The “Songs for the young and the young at heart”, created and performed by the artistic couple David Sautter and Letizia Fiorenza, found a large audience of both young and old at the Musik-Container on Sunday morning.


Aargauer Zeitung
Culinary and entertaining wishes without end
Otto Bortolotto wishes for risotto in the grotto. He also wishes he were grown-up and had a cow that gave Coca-Cola. He wishes for a shirt with wings. But most of all, he wishes he didn’t have to go to bed. Letizia’s only wish is for ravioli, tortellini, spaghetti, fusilli – it doesn’t matter what, just so long as it’s pasta. David wishes he could stay in bed all day and listen to the raindrops falling on the roof.


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