Letizia Fiorenza & David Sautter


The good sound: Wishes of the heartT
Der gute Ton: Herzenswünsche
They are full-blooded musicians and the folk music of southern Italy has found a place in their hearts. We’re talking about the singer Letizia Fiorenza and the guitarist David Sautter, who have realised one of their long-held wishes, a wish of the heart, with the release of their new CD. The artistic couple, known as I Cantimbanchi, from Uster, brings a much-needed blast of temperamental passion into the emotionally glacial land of the Swiss.

The fact that the 12 songs on the CD can still strike a chord with listeners today is due principally to vocalist Letizia Fiorenza. Her interpretations are genuine and, because her voice is just as versatile as it is impressive, all the slight nuances contained in the old Neapolitan dialect are given new life and colour. Guitarist David Sautter makes a significant contribution to the listeners’ pleasure. Once again, he reveals himself to be a sensitive partner and arranger. The sonata movements by Domenico Scarlatti inserted between the other songs create not only a stylistic counterpoint, but also confirm the artistic range and the virtuoso ability of the guitarist.
Regula Berger-Hess

Letizia Fiorenza & David Sautter, Guschstrasse 52, CH-8610 Uster, Fon. & Fax: 0041 44 942 20 68,