Letizia Fiorenza & David Sautter

Adelheid oder Lieder für Chind und ChindschöpfAdelheid oder Lieder für Chind und Chindschöpf Adelheid

Adelheid oder Lieder für Chind und Chindschöpf

A family program with Letizia Fiorenza & David Sautter
Eternal youth: Cabaret songs for the whole family
«Adelheid oder Lieder für Chind und Chindschöpf» (Adelheid, or songs for the young and the young at heart), with the authors definitely belonging to the latter category.

Zytgloggeverlag, Gümligen, 2000
Art.Nr: ZYT 4477
Preis: CHF 30.00, price: € 20.00

OOtto’s last name is Bortolotto and he has just one wish. He wishes that his sister Lili would play more games with him. Adelheid has no last name, since she is actually an ant. However, that means she has thousands of sisters, whose names all begin with “A”. In addition, Otto and Adelheid have some like-minded friends in tow named Trixli, Lotti and Archibald. And Letizia and David. Letizia Fiorenza and David Sautter, to be exact. The duo from Zurich, who have been known for years as Cantimbanchi, are now presenting a program of cabaret-style songs.

The whimsical stories in Swiss German, the silly puns, the flights of fancy are inspired by everyday family situations. Pure childishness for the young and the young at heart. Recommended for children aged six and older.

Letizia Fiorenza und David SautterAusgezeichnet
Preisträger im Wettbewerb «s'goldig Chrönli» 2001 in der Kategorie «Lied» für die Produktion «Adelheid».



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