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Working with Breath

Letizia Fiorenza has been involved for the past 30 years with “Erfahrbaren Atem (Perceptible Breath)”, a teaching method developed by Professor Ilse Middendorf, Berlin.
The methods of Maria Höller-Zangenfeind have been further developed in the performing arts under the name of “Atem-Tonus-Ton” (Breath-Tone-Sound)

Curriculum vitae

Letizia Fiorenza was born in Rome in 1957 and studied Italian Language and Literature and Literary Criticism in Zurich. She trained as a singer in Zurich and Rome and received further training in Improvisation with Peter K. Frey in Zurich. She is currently involved with ongoing concert engagements as an interpreter and songwriter with various groups (please see I Cantimbanchi, Adelheid).

(please see: I Cantimbanchi, Adelheid ).

Letizia completed her training as a Breathing Instructor, SBAM (according to the methodology of Professor Ilse Middendorf, Berlin), and received her certification at the Atemschule Ursula Schwendimann, Männedorf (CH) and has been an instructor at this school since 2001.

After that, she received further training and certification in Breath-Tone-Sound at the Institut für Atemlehre (Institute for Breath Education) founded by Maria Höller-Zangenfeind in Oberstdorf, Germany, and has been active since then as an instructor in continuing education for Breath-Tone-Sound and Voice Improvisation in Switzerland, Germany and Japan.

Ten years ago, she started up her own practice and instructs in breathing and singing techniques. Together with Regula Schwarzenbach (flautist), she holds “Atem und Flöte” (Breath and Flute) workshops.

«Atem-Ratgeber» (Breathing Advice)
«Höhenflüge mit Bodenhaftung» (Well-Grounded Flights to the Heights)

Ursula Schwendimann and Letizia Fiorenza
Private publishing venture
2nd Edition 2004







Hoehenfluege«Höhenflüge mit Bodenhaftung»

Regula Schwarzenbach and Letizia Fiorenza
Zimmermann Verlag, Frankfurt, Germany


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