Letizia Fiorenza & David Sautter

SEMPRE – A musical evening with a literary touch

Words by Letizia Fiorenza
Songs by Renato Carosone, Fabrizio De André, Gabriella Ferri, Pier Paolo Pasolini

Voice: Letizia Fiorenza
Narrator: Graziella Rossi
Piano: Roger Girod
Set up: Helmut Vogel



Two women – one a singer and one an actress – tell short, often droll stories about the desire for intimacy and for distance, for security and spontaneity, for growing roots and for finding love. The protagonists in these stories have somehow learned to live with unfulfilled desires. Some are passionate, some passionless, yet none of them have completely let go of their inner desires. German is the language of the stories, Italian is the language of the songs, the eternal desires, “la nostalgìa che sempre durerà”, the common denominator.

Letizia Fiorenza & David Sautter, Guschstrasse 52, CH-8610 Uster, Fon. & Fax: 0041 44 942 20 68,